Thursday, January 05, 2006

Laugh So You Won't Cry

On the surface of things, it may seem downright depressing that girls are buying the perfumes of Britney and Paris. The actual product names are unimportant (though if Britney made a cologne for men called "Backup Dancer" ... I might buy) , the fact of the matter is that if Britney's not turning a profit then somebody forking over all the cash for those primetime ads better get his head in the game. It may also seem depressing, yet equally obvious that some guys wear Axe "Body Spray." C'mon, there was a time when the world over could laugh at That Guy (-Who Wears the Bottle of Cologne. Not to be confused with That Guy Who Talks On His Cell Phone During The Movie or That Guy Who Gets Wasted and Takes Off His Shirt At Every Party) . The only advantage was if the bar was really crowded you could just smell your way to him but, really, it was probably just best to warn you if he was coming. Now it's not only accepted, it's promoted! They put this stuff in an aerosol can! That Guy can now be synonymous with That Guy Who Doesn't Shower, and we'll never know the difference...

But seriously, while some people weep for the future it needs to be said that bad taste is nothing new. Furthermore, it's not going anywhere. Finally, bad taste is a good thing, because it gives us all something to fall back on. No, I don't mean I'm going to start buying Fat Joe albums. What I mean is that if someone finds out my guilty pleasure or stupid quirk of fashion, I can fall back on not being the lowest common denominator.

For example, I know this dude who watches "The O.C." In fact, I know lots of dudes who watch "The O.C." Weird. Question it, and they'll say the following: "At least I don't watch 'Laguna Beach.'" At which point said guy's girlfriend OR said "Laguna Beach" fan in the room says "HEYYYY!" An argument may ensue, which will be settled by "At least none of us listen to Scott Stapp." (Whose solo debut will go platinum.)

And, really, come to think of it, I haven't met a Creed fan in years. Countless times throughout high school I had to change the radio station 'cause "SHOULDA BEEN DEAD ON A SUNDAY MORNIN'..." would make me believe that Celine Dion might not be all that bad...

But they're out there. Sad? No, AWESOME, because we're not among them.


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