Monday, December 12, 2005


It did not happen because of this blog or through people who actually know me, but I need to start spreading a little bit of knowledge just in case this latest rumor hits major media outlets and people get the impression I was trying to put on some kind of ploy to feed off another's fire.

Clarification: I am not Gary Busey.

I am not related to Gary Busey, did not serve as his stunt double in Predator 2, and cannot lay claim to influencing son Jake Busey's fine performance in Starship Troopers. Silly, right? Given the sexy pictures I post of myself, it's not too hard to differentiate me from him:

(Killed his Landlord)

Alas, because of my local prominence, I don't have complete control over all of the numerous amounts of photographs taken of me on a daily basis. As a result, it might be that I just had a headache or something when this happened:

(Mike Glud) (Gary Busey circa 1987)

There you have it - oh, the confusion!

I've been forwarding all the fan mail to Gary, and will continue to do so until people get the message. I don't know if that's a good thing, though, because I unknowingly opened a few of the letters ('cause who checks the address when it's at your door, anyway?) and 2/3 started off something like "You starred in Point Break. What was Keanu like before he was famous? Oh, I just love his performance! He really brings out the..." I had to stop there, and immediately lit a candle for Gary Busey.


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