Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Clarification Part Deux

Officer: "Gary? Gary Busey?"
Me: "No, I-"
Officer: "No, of course not, too young. You must be his son. Yeah, Jake! Jake Busey! I loved you in Starship Troopers!"
Me: "Thanks, but-"
Officer: "And Tomcats!"
Me: "I guess..."
Officer: "Say What's with your dad making movies in Turkey?"
Me: "Turkey?"
Officer: "Yeah! I hear he plays some anti-Semite doctor."
Me: "I really wouldn't know."
Officer: "You guys aren't close?"
Me: "We've never met."


Officer: "License and registration."


And, really, the situation wouldn't have even happened if it weren't for my rather drunk compatriot in the passenger seat who, incidentally, really is my attorney, or at least future one. Think once you have them belted in they're harmless? Think again. My attorney took it upon himself to search my glove compartment, where the trunk release is kept. The cop is already tailing and birthday boy pops the trunk. Way to go, Alchy.

Alchy: "I thought [the button] would turn on the dome light."

Never mind that the light is already on. Oh, Dial-A-Ride, why dost thou not work weekends?


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